Mike List Percussionist

So this summer a friend of mine set out to do a song a week.  This fall I would like to spend more time working on my looping chops so at least for the beginning of this fall I will post what I am up to here.  Note that what you hear is the edited shortened of what I did live.  When I did it live I puttsed around deciding what might sound good.


 This will be the end of the looping blog for this fall as I'm awaiting the birth of our first child.  I think any looping effort is going to go into the last idea for a piece for To Hit.  Thanks for checking it out. 

-MIkE 11.3.11

This week I started working on an idea I had for a piece.  The idea comes from the piece "Coming Together" by Frederic Rzewski (shev-ski) where a text is read section by section each time going back to the top, as if you were reading and re-reading a letter.  This repetition of the same lines over and over and adding on to them reminded me of a time when I memorized a good chunk of the first chapter of John.  I had been living with a friend from the Middle East who had a big hunk of the Quran memorized and it was amazing that you could remember so much.  Interesting side note that much of the way they remember it is in a chant/singing style.  So I thought instead of memorizing small little verses here and there, I would pick a big chunk.  

I'm writing this piece with the idea of To Hit playing it, so this is just a sketch.  There will probably be marimba and the events may happen a little quicker.  

This also prompted me to finish programing the other 8 banks on my pedal board....which took some time....

in the beginning 1.mp3

 This week I was trying to create a more atmospheric sound with the reverse function and beat repeat.  I also saw a video of Jamey Haddad doing his frame drum+brush thing so I messed around with that as well.  

rich and jamey.mp3

This week is more experimenting with the beat repeat.  I was initially going to try and loop something on the dulcimer then play with the beat repeat but when I started playing the dulcimer I realized the beat repeat would affect what I was playing live and I found this entertaining enough.

Here are two takes of the same recorded audio using a looped tabla groove and improvised dulcimer*.

The first uses one beat repeat module on the master track affecting both tracks.  

The second uses separate modules for each track so they variate independently from each other.

*the dulcimer could use some tuning.....  

dulc tabla beat repeat1.mp3

dulc tabla beat repeat2.mp3

Week two.  This week I discovered the beat repeat function with abelton.  I didn't spend a ton of time on it compositionally so this is basically 4 min of me messing with a tabla groove via beat repeat.  Digital palta if you would.  It gives some ideas of what it can do. 


Week one.  I enjoyed the reverse feature on abelton with this one.  

down day.mp3